PreprecessorJS is a simple parser to transform simple tokens into <script></script> tags, and rewrites the generated markup,or better said is a kind of preprocessor like PHP, JSP, ASP but using the native Javascript as language.

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The default pair of tokens used for preprocessorJS (PJS) are "{?" and "?}" and for assignament {?=([JavascriptVar]) ?} inside these tokens should go javascript code. You can change the pair of tokens inside the preprocessorJS.js changing openToken,assignamentToken and closeToken variables.

So for example:

{? var name="Alice";
     var where="in the wonderland";

<h2>The book is {?=(name);?} &nbsp; {?=(where);?} </h2>

And the tokens are mixed and embeded in a html page, that will be preprocessed loading
the preprocessorJS.js javascript on the load event in the body tag and calling changeIt() function.

<script src="./lib/preprocessorJS.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

<body onload="changeIt();">

The resulted markup will be something like:
<h2>The book is Alice in the wonderland</h2>

You can also have very simple if-block like this
{? if(name="Alice"){ ?};
     <p>Some markup..</p>
{? } else { ?};
     <p>Other markup...</p>

Finally in this version, you can have just GET parameters comming from a HTML Form. Using the array parms['parName'] where 'parName' is the parameter corresponding to the name of the elements in your form.
var name=

    var name=params['theName'];

This is licenced under Apache 2.0

And the repository is a Fossil one on SCM processJS

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or contribute to improve it or use it without any warranty, just
in the spirit to have a handy tool that could help!.

This script was developed by carlosru@factware.info , please use Fossil site. To rise bugs, and ask for a user to contribute to the project.